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We are looking for hospitality pros to help us bring the Mill to life and make sure it's a very special gathering place for all.

General Manager
The GM runs the show. They find great people, develop them and turn great into the best of the best. They create a culture of high performance, accountability, and fun. Their team would follow them anywhere, and there’s multiple people that will always refer to them as “The Best Boss I Ever Had”. They’re not afraid to have tough conversations when necessary, but they also are constantly celebrating their team and showing gratitude for the work they put in. They are always pushing and challenging their team to do better, and celebrating their development at every turn. Their team members refer to Golden Mill in the first person, not the third. OUR amazing food hall, WE’RE the best bar around, WE just created so many guest experiences.

The GM is Guest Focused, and understands the difference between a meal and an Experience. They make everyone feel like a VIP, and their guests tell people about “Their Place”. They remember faces and names, and make all decisions with the Guest Experience as the first and most important factor.

The GM understands restaurant financials and operations, and knows that Hospitality and Culture are the secret sauce, but money keeps the show going. They make smart financial decisions, and always find ways to make the operation more efficient and profitable. They understand ordering, facilities, hiring, and all of the other blocking and tackling. They take pride in creating a successful business, and understand that doing so is what creates all the jobs to offer team members and the ability to always offer our guests bigger and better experiences. They realize that the P&L isn’t the destination, but it’s a road map to staying on course.

  • Highly organized
  • Adept at team building
  • Proven track record of building teams and keeping turnover low
  • Restaurant financial knowledge and ability to read and interpret a P&L
  • Experienced in event sales, planning, and execution
  • Community focused, with experience being involved in local non profit and business organizations
  • Minimum of 5 years experience leading teams in the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry
Kitchen Manager
The KM is the heart of The Golden Mill. They are passionate about food, and truly believe that each and every plate that goes out of their kitchen must be perfect. They know that amazing food feeds the soul and creates experiences, and they won’t settle for anything less than every single guest getting the best they have to offer. They know they can’t do this by themselves, and they are adept at building a team that understands their expectations, and is supported with the direction and tools to execute it. They push their team hard, but celebrate them and always thank them for the hard work they put in every day. They lead by example, and would never ask anybody to do something they’re not willing to do and haven’t done countless times themselves. They thrive on developing talent and helping people to build and shape their careers in the food industry.

The KM understands the value of kitchen systems, specs, and the importance of safety and sanitation. The food is their passion, but they understand that massive responsibility of guests trusting us to keep them healthy and safe when they dine with us. They know that they can’t be there 24/7, and have a proven track record of creating the systems that allow their kitchen to run just as flawlessly without them as it does with them.

  • Experience with inventory systems, waste reduction, par levels, prep lists
  • Proven track record of leading kitchen teams with low turnover
  • Ability to execute spec recipes consistently
  • Serve Safe certified, with passion for clean, organized kitchens
  • Ability to coach teams and hold them accountable while being supportive and creating a high tempo, fun atmosphere. No jerks.
Assistant General Manager
The AGM has a deep passion for creating Guest Experiences, and knows how to transfer that passion to the team. The AGM is a teacher at heart, and is passionate about training the team and teaching them how to be the absolute best at what they do. They understand that every moment can be a teaching moment, and they never stop helping the team to get better and grow. They are thoughtful about development, both their own as well as their team’s.

The AGM wants to grow and learn, and is always open to their own development. They are invigorated by learning new lessons every day, both in the day to day tasks and the big picture planning. They are always honing their leadership and hungry for coaching and development.

The AGM is a doer, a master at execution. They don’t just know what needs to be done; they get it done. They are organized, and things don’t fall through the cracks. They crave ownership in the operations of The Golden Mill, and will take on as much as they’re able, while also knowing how and when to delegate.

  • Highly organized and disciplined
  • Adept at training and teaching
  • Beer/wine/cocktail knowledge, and a passion for local producers
  • Knows and understands ordering, inventory management, sales tracking
  • Experienced in event sales, planning, and execution
  • Community focused, with experience being involved in local non profit and business organizations
  • Minimum of 2 years experience leading teams in the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry

Didn't find a great fit? Send your resume and information to us and we'll let you know when there are new opportunties.